Hanoi University (formerly known as Hanoi University of Foreign Studies) is a prestigious training and research institution with leading quality nationwide in the area of foreign language training at the graduate and post graduate levels; providing customised courses in foreign languages; a reliable cornerstone of the Ministry of Education and Training in terms of foreign languages training; and the first multi-disciplinary university in Vietnam, where major subjects are instructed in foreign languages.

ImageSince 2002, Hanoi University has become a multi-disciplinary university under the decision of the Ministry of Education and Training. With the strong contingent of well-qualified staff, Hanoi University is able to provide training courses ranging from 19 foreign languages to business administration,  international studies, tourism, computer science, finance (instructed in English), Vietnamese and Vietnamese culture.

Hanoi University has 18 faculties and departments, 10 centres, 2 institutes, and many supporting divisions.

Apart from the regular tasks, Hanoi University has been providing training courses (mainly English) for a majority of Government agencies, Government scholarship programs, staff from international organisations, English for specific purposes, and high-level interpreters training courses.

Hanoi University has the mission to become a national focal university in terms of foreign languages and humanities, meeting regional and international standards, on the strong foundation of foreign languages. Hanoi University tries its best to stay at the forefront in the fields of training quality and technology applications, making great contribution to the national growth in the process of industrialisation and modernisation, and striving to become an international university in the region.

HANU has an outward-looking approach and highly appreciates partnerships and cooperation with all universities and training institutions in the world. So far, HANU has signed training cooperation agreements with over 30 foreign universities, has had partnership with about 60 international training institutions, has maintained good relationships with most of foreign embassies in Vietnam, and taken an active part in language and cultural exchange with a variety of organisations at home and abroad.